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hyperlinks to URL in beamer

Lucio Chiappetti
I am experimenting with beamer, and I'm trying to make the produced PDF be
able to link into a web document from a PDF viewgraph. I use pdflatex to
generate the PDF file. I used the following hyperref command in my .tex
source file :

\href{http://sax.iasf-milano.inaf.it/~lucio/personal.html}{my home page}

The text is clickable and correctly opens a window in my browser, but is
not highlighted in any way. The "standard" PDF files generated by latex
I've seen usually have a thin red border around URL anchor text.

I've found that using this package option in the class invocation
makes the URL anchor text coloured.

However I'd like a more apparent highlighting (the default PDF border will
be fine), but it is not clear to me which hyperref options generate this,
and how they conflict with the default hyperref configuration in beamer.

(the obvious manual alternative would be to define a newcommand to colour
and underline a piece of text (as per standard web browsers) like the
second argument of href ... but I'd greatly prefer an "automated native"

Lucio Chiappetti - INAF/IASF - via Bassini 15 - I-20133 Milano (Italy)
For more info : http://www.iasf-milano.inaf.it/~lucio/personal.html
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